With over CHF 1.5 billion annual turnover and a network of offices across 8 countries, Geneva-based Integral Group is the key exporter and logistics provider for crude oil, petroleum products, fertilizers, sulphur and polymers from the Caspian Region and Central Asia.
Our Vision: To connect the Greater Caspian Region to the World
The Greater Caspian Region
Million people
Trillion USD (PPP)
Million km2
Million tons of breakbulk cargo and 500,000+ TEU’s


Crude oil & petroleum products

Integral Petroleum SA is the key exporter and logistics provider for crude oil and petroleum products from the Greater Caspian Region to the World. Our Mission is to develop product and geographical diversification by entering into other markets.

Dry cargo

Integral Shipping and Trading SA is the dry commodities trading arm of Integral Group.
Our Mission is to always exceed expectations of our clients, producers and suppliers by providing highest quality products and exceptional services.


Caspian Container Company SA is the logistics arm of Integral Group and operates across the Greater Caspian Region. Our Vision is to increase container share of trade in the Greater Caspian Region to enable and facilitate trade.

Digital projects

Webshop from Integral Commodities SA is the first worldwide B2B online shop to find commodities and complete the purchase completely online.
Our strategy is to implement digital infrastructure with value added services for access to and exports of regional dry commodities (fertilizers, sulphur and polymers).

Social responsibility

Integral Group is committed to defending human and workers' rights, protecting the environment and creating a better, fairer society. We work closely with a number of charities and non-profit organizations in several countries. Integral Group is the partner of World Economic Forum’s Centre for Regions, Trade and Geopolitics as well as the main organizer of the Caspian Week Forum in Davos.