Caspian Week

Integral Group constantly supports innovation in environmental protection, the commodities sector and beyond and since four years is acting as the main organizer of the Caspian Week Forum – the platform for global ideas which takes place every year in Davos.

The Caspian Week Forum is a meeting of global leaders, experts, visionaries, policy makers, gathering together in order to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to the Greater Caspian Region.

Integral Group is also the partner of World Economic Forum’s Centre for Regions, Trade and Geopolitics.

Our mission
Our mission is to help realize the human
and economic potential of the Greater Caspian
Region and to improve its environmental situation.

– promote the interaction between the Greater Caspian Region and the World;

– improve cultural, political, business and scientific ties inside the region;

– introduce and implement innovations and new technologies to the region.

Our title event takes place in Davos, Switzerland. Our Pavillion hosts 230 m2 dedicated to conferences, networking, lounge and artistic performances. Over one whole week, we engage global visionaries,
leaders and experts to discuss about the Greater Caspian Region. Apart from panels, we also promote and organize business events and discuss investment opportunities in the region.
During the rest of the year, we bring our event around the World to make sure that our mission resonates at the 4 corners of the World. Our events are in Portugal, China.

During the week of our title event in Davos, more than 3000 people from the global business and political elite attend as guests and speakers.

Since 2017, Caspian Week turned out to be one of the most visited and well-received events during the period. In 2019 alone, we had more than 30 panels, signed multiple and cooperation agreements and organized many cross business events.

“The biggest non-tariff barrier to the growth of global trade is the lack of logistics connectivity in the many parts of the world.”
Babar Badat Sb, Immediate Past President, FIATA, Zurich, Switzerland
”When we talk about Caspian Week, what is Caspian? Caspian is community interest, coming together community for working good.”
Pankaj Choudhary, Assistant Professor at Faculty of Law , University of Delhi, India Bhartiya Janta Party
”Places like this, events like this is something we need to highlight the issues we have here, and to motivate people to participate more in illicit trade fighting.”
Sergey Kizyan, CTO, Intetics Inc
“Your commitment is not only for this forum, but beyond. You are encouraging that Caspian Region should be much bigger”
Sham Lal Bathija, Minister Senior Economic Adviser, Ambassador and Special Envoy of the Former President of Afghanistan
Caspian Week is “A nice platform where we can discuss our regional projects with our regional stakeholders and international partners.”
Azar Bayramov, Deputy CEO, AzerTelecom, Baku, Azerbaijan
”In Caspian Week I found something very similar to what I did all my life — passion, performance and result”
Jean Alesi, Formula 1 Champion